Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Joe Rottman Wins CPD Summer Slam Open Title

Giving up just one game in the title match against Jason Zumwalt, Joe Rottman rolled to a 6-0, 6-1 win to take this year's Champaign Park District Adult Summer Slam open title. The number #1 seed lost just eight games during his three tournament matches at the two-day tournament.  Rottman has won the open title now four times out of the past five years.

After a first round bye, Rottman squared off against Gabriel Petrica, a graduate teaching assistant on the Urbana campus of the University of Illinois. Petrica could not buy win against in the first set dropping it in a 6-0 decision. In a much better second set, he could not push the match to a tiebreak falling 7-5.

Rottman sailed to a 6-0, 6-2 victory over Tim O'Brien in their semi-final showdown securing his fifth consecutive championship match appearance.

Sunday's title match was not the first time Rottman and Zumwalt exchanged blistering forehands. Last summer, the pair met in the semi-finals at the Slam where Rottman prevailed 6-1, 6-0. Four years ago in the 2011 title match, Zumwalt made four-time champion earn every point in a 6-4, 7-5 finish.

Here are the results from the 2015 men's bracket:

Men's Open Singles
Championship Bracket:
F(1) Joe Rottman d. (2) Jason Zumwalt6-0; 6-1
SF(2) Jason Zumwalt d. Noah Jemison6-3; 6-4
SF(1) Joe Rottman d. Tim O'Brien6-0; 6-2
Q(2) Jason Zumwalt d. Gabe Mitchell7-5; 6-2
CF(4) Alex Amatyleon d. Daniel O'Brien6-0; 6-1
CSDaniel O'Brien d. Suresh Palani6-2; 6-2
CS(4) Alex Amatyleon d. Todd Mayfield6-1; 6-2
CQDaniel O'Brien d. John DelanoisDef (refsl)

Men's 45 Singles
Championship Bracket:
F(1) Eric Schacht d. Toby King6-2; 6-3
SFToby King d. (2) Joe Kim6-4; 6-2
SF(1) Eric Schacht d. Robert Vanhootegem6-1; 6-1
Q(2) Joe Kim d. Daniel Morris6-2; 6-3
CFDaniel Morris d. Charles Sikora6-4; 6-2
CQDaniel Morris d. Dean Brown6-4; 6-0

Men's 55 Singles
Championship Bracket:
F(1) Jeff Stevens d. (2) Lucian Ionescu7-6(1); 6-1
SF(2) Lucian Ionescu d. Jon Bratten6-1; 4-6; 1-0(7)
SF(1) Jeff Stevens d. gerald abbott6-3; 6-0
QJon Bratten d. Gary Day6-2; 6-1
CFJames Barnes d. Gary Day6-2; 7-5

Men's 65 Singles
Championship Bracket:
F(1) Scott Aikman d. (2) Michael Doss4-6; 6-2; 1-0(5)
SF(2) Michael Doss d. Michael Claffey6-0; 6-0
SF(1) Scott Aikman d. Steven Friend7-5; 6-2
CFMichael Claffey d. Steven FriendDef (refsl)

Men's Open Doubles
Championship Bracket:
F(2) Amatyleon/Ruedi d. (1) Peterson/Zumwalt7-5; 6-4
SF(2) Amatyleon/Ruedi d. Larck/Mitchell6-3; 6-2
SF(1) Peterson/Zumwalt d. O'Brien/O'Brien6-2; 6-2
CFLarck/Mitchell d. O'Brien/O'Brien6-1; 5-7; 1-0(3)

Mixed Open Doubles
Championship Bracket:
F(1) Ferguson/Rottman d. (2) Aten/Larck7-6(2); 6-1
SF(2) Aten/Larck d. Schacht/Schacht6-2; 6-2
SF(1) Ferguson/Rottman d. Chastain/Ichikawa6-0; 6-0
CFSchacht/Schacht d. Chastain/Ichikawa6-0; 6-3

Men's 45 Doubles
Championship Bracket:
RRVanhootegem/Kim d. Barnes/King6-3; 6-4
RRBratten/Potter d. Barnes/King6-4; 6-2
RRBratten/Potter d. Vanhootegem/Kim6-2; 7-5

Monday, June 15, 2015

C-U Ladder Rankings Released

The C-U Tennis Ladder released the latest round of standings today. The ladder is an informal singles league open to players of all ages and levels of play who live and work in Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding communities. There are no fees or membership dues. You and your opponent decide where and when you play, then report the final score to the ladder administrator.

For more information on about Champaign-Urbana's tennis ladder follow this link. Below are the current league standings as of today.

Current Standings
(as of June 15, 2015)

1 - C. Kuo
2 - T. Wilson
3 - D. Maloney
4 - M. Bantz
5 - P. Imoukheuede
6 - C. Brooks
7 - B. Houston
8 - T. Ellis
9 - P. Testa
10 - T. McAlpin
11 - M. Brenner
12 - C. Nerone
13 - T. Larrison
14 - W. Romine
15 - P. Loechl
16 - J. Klug
17 - P. Hammie
18 - C. Chattic
19 - C. Gratkins
20 - D. Su

Summer Slam Deadline Tomorrow

The clock is ticking for competitive tennis players ready to put to the test their skills, experience and months of coaching June 20-21. Registration the Champaign Park District's annual adult USTA-sanctioned tournament ends tomorrow at 5pm for singles players. Doubles entries will be accepted at the tournament until noon on Saturday with the draw posted by 2 p.m.. First round doubles matches will be scheduled courts no earlier than 3p.m. on Saturday.

As of this posting only 15 players have signed up to play in the only adult USTA tennis tournament in held in the twin cities. According to the description on the website lunch will be provided on Saturday courtesy of the Bread Company located at 706 South Goodwin Ave. in Urbana.

For more information and to register online go to CHAMPAIGN SUMMER SLAM.