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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fighting Illini Fast 5 Adult Doubles tourney!

Come check out our Fighting Illini Fast 5 adult doubles tourney next Friday, May 5th from 5:30-9:30pm! 

This is for players 3.5 and above with prior match experience. Team up with a partner of any gender and let's play! Compass draw so the action continues win or lose all night! 

Rosati's pizza and salad will be provided for the players as well as Powerade, soda and bottled water. There will be a little music going on as well throughout competition to keep the energy up! 

Registration is limited to the first 16 doubles teams who enter so grab your spot today! 

Contact the front desk at 217-244-8562 or stop by and register in person!  Registration forms are available at the front desk but you may call the desk and have them fill the information out for you and make payment over the phone! Payment of $50.00 per team ($25.00/person) must be made to guarantee your spot! 

Contact Brandon Lenfert at for any questions

Monday, March 27, 2017

Champaign-Urbana tennis ladder has started

The weather has been great the last couple of weeks and the Champaign-Urbana tennis ladder has officially begun its 2017 season. Now in its fifth the year, the Ladder is a great way to meet new tennis partners and players to test your prowess on the singles court.

Fun and laid-back, the Ladder is very informal with no club fees or dues. The only financial obligation is paying for court time if you and your partner decide to play indoors and a can of new balls for each match. Open to adults of all ages, players can challenge or play matches as often as they like.

The Ladder has more than 30 area players waiting to be challenged and plenty of room for more players if you haven't joined yet. For more information on how to join follow this link: CU Tennis Ladder.

Beginning of the season standings:

1 - T. Fillmore
2 - J. Scicchitano
3 - T. Wilson
4 - M. Bantz
5 - S. Weakley
6 - D. Maloney
7 - E. Ward
8 - B. Houston
9 - T. Ellis
10 - W. Smith
11 - C. Brooks
12 - C. Nerone .
13 - T. McAlpin
14 - P. Loechl
15 - J. Klug
16 - P. Hammie
17 - C. Chattic
18 - C. Gratkins
19 - S. Khan
20 - S. Pickard
21 - N. Ribeiro
22 - M. Larive
23 - Henry Wong
24 - S. Hohenwater
25 - M. Woolwine
26 - M. Chabot
27 - G. Mandell
28 - J. Runyan
29 - M. Swaminatha
30 - A. Duseja
31- X. Song
32 - M. Davis
33 - S. Friend
34 - C. Evans

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Atkins Tennis Mixer Next Week!

Head teach pro Brandon Lenfert just announced another tennis mixer will be held at Atkins Tennis Center on Friday, February 12th. Registration can be done in person at the front desk or by phone at (217) 244-8562.

"Tennis mixed with great music and great food always equals a good time inside the Atkins Tennis Center," Lenfert said about the upcoming event.

The fun starts at 7pm with food and refreshments provided and athletes are encouraged to bring their favorite tunes that will be pumped through the facilities premier sound system during the three hour session of doubles play. The cost is just $20 and enrollment is limited to the first 24 people to reserve their spot.